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Lie of
comfort woman
compulsion taking

The Japanese military take
the Korean lady
who resists compulsorily.
It's said that they were training as
a comfort woman....
This refutation is carried.

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depends on translation site.)

●When saying in the area I checked before, it's the case to which I say it was sold by a parent that it was most,
and that you brought a brother for example a Korean lady to the consolation place by a Korean hoon. In other words,
it's the reason which was legitimate transaction under the law in those days.

     《Ikuhiko Hata SAPIO 2005/2/23》
(Related book 
"Comfort Women and Sex in the Battle Zone")

●When compulsion taking was performed, when an army isn't dispatched as a grave campaign for it, it's impossible.

●What kind of name is there in this strategy?
A document of these planning of a strategy and drafting, announced order documents and something enormous are needed.

●When the compulsion taking was made true, it would be scattered about various places, the document which did that can't think an ordinary case isn't also found.

《Nobukatu Fujioka "15 year war with a history textbook"》

In the former comfort women, who, there isn't one witness. When fitting such mucker, ordinariness collects a person in neighborhood, a friend and the family and makes them testify. When I won't do that, you don't take up at a court.
《Ikuhiko Hata
   "Fuji Telecasting report 2001 4/8/2007"》

●When catching the lady walking along the way like large-scale African slave hunt as much as 200,000 at Korean Peninsula, loading a truck down, coming in the house, threatening by a bayonet and bringing you there, there should be a record for which Korean people left it certainly in Korean Peninsula. Diary becoming, how many, in.

 《Terumasa Nakanishi "same as above"》

●When compulsion of 80,000 people and 200,000 people took the female of the Korean, it's a serious issue.

●The person who witnessed that should exceed one million people, and the students judged from an eye of love and respect from a people are in the van, and should develop protest movement. Would you be able to think nothing is made a problem after the war for 47 years between Japan and the Republic of Korea?

  《Tuneyasu Daishido "Seiron May 2007"》

●You're writing that "only at Korean Peninsula, 200,000 people" was made by a comfort woman a report of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

●Since comfort women in Korean Peninsula are the whole 2 tenths, a comfort woman will be the calculation which was here "at the whole world, 1,000,000 people". And I say that 40 percent were Japanese.

●In other words, the Japanese military kidnaped 400,000 ladies only in Japan and made it a sexual slave. Wonderful talk. At which town will you say only this division on earth carried out such large-scale strategy? A revolution didn't break out well.
《Kouji Kamimura "Sunday Mainiti 4/15/2007"》

●When looking for, even how much was there an applicant? It isn't done to collect that using effort of a valuable army intentionally.

 《Kouiti Sugiyama "Seiron September 2007"》

●When a war becomes intense, luxury is bad, said, a person will be and doesn't go to a Korean gay quarter any more so much. There is also a record such as traders' taking a comfort woman and going to a field with that.

●Even if 1944 years have passed since the fact that twice of November and advertisement as " "army" comfort woman hurriedly recruiting" have been written as October, 1944 in the newspaper issued at Korea "daily every day report" was mentioned, Masanao Kurahashi and Aichi Prefectural University professor insist that there was recruitment of a comfort woman of the prostitute type.

If a comfort woman took all compulsion, it isn't necessary to be advertisement. It's the evidence that I had no compulsion taking that a recruitment bill matched a Korean newspaper.

《Tsutomu Nishioka "the comfort woman problem of understanding well"》

●To think "There seems to have been no taking." when support document of compulsion taking also hunts for 5 years much, and isn't found, it'll be common sense, "Material should be hidden.", as the study attitude by which it's a scholar to leap, please, if, I think.

●I say that it's because such act had occurred, that an Acceptable Use Policy as "to a comfort woman and a tower host, the thing without violent threat acts" exists...,

but when reading the penalty code which enumerated the kind of penalties using the same logic, our country is "criminal heaven".

 《Ikuhiko Hata
      "issue of a contemporary history"》

●Less than 1 %, the percentage of the Japanese occupied in the population of the Korea was only 2.5% even in 1931 until the Taisyo period.

●In other words, it was the actual situation that Japanese was circled by a Korean of overwhelming majority and lived.

●And a Korean was here and was here in the Governor of Hokkaido and military personnel, too for a judge of a police chief and a courthouse, a head of an Attorney General and a governor-general's office, a chief director and a section chief.

Is "comfort woman hunt" done in such situation? When it's done, it can't help be understood that the ones as a Korean are timid people all.

●O Sonfa..."I can never think there was a cowardly Korean who will leave them alone just as it is while seeing my daughter who will bring there compulsorily. To the extent I have that when it's the country, a feeling of togetherness between the citizen and folk consciousness are strong, and such they can't stand it, be silent and be seeing."

    《Hitoshi Nitta "Seiron June 2005"》

●There are material evidence and testimony which are to the extent it's enough for a Jewish slaughter, and it's the fact which can't be denied.

●Even if left-wing scholars and others will be a bloodshot eye for the document which shows that compulsion took a Korean lady, and an army looks for a comfort woman problem, several, 1 isn't found and there is also a lot of one to which I say "It was betrayed to a parent." in testimony of the person who was a comfort woman.

《The first page column "Syokun July 2005"》

●I say that an army (state) should burn a form on August 15 and destroy evidence, that that is extensive in wide range and overt when the Japanese military were doing compulsion taking, because it's the reason which was being done, it's impossible to be able to do to burn all the forms on August 15. The kind of checks can't say that 1 doesn't also come out.

●Even if it's made the testimony contents of a former comfort woman, it's different entirely by that I said at a trial and that it'll be talked about later.

It's the talk which looks like compulsion taking from the back, but when testifying by a trial, it was betrayed to a father and it's being talked about.

●When which testimony doing say to whether there is reliability, how will it be testimony of the trial which was taken out neatly by a public document even if I thought?

   《Motohiko Izawa
       "the justice of Asahi Shimbun"》

●There is house of ill repute in Korea and there are many comfort women. It should be studied why such phenomenon occurs. Such phenomenon wouldn't occur by compulsion.

●I thought there was compulsion taking at the beginning and investigated jointly with a Korean volunteer corps problem council, too, but it was stopped in 3 years.

●It's because I realized that a destination in tha Korean volunteer corps problem council was here not the one in grasping kind of comfort woman problems and linking it to prevention of today's comfort woman phenomenon, but just to fight against Japan.

《An Byeong-Jik Seoul University honorary professor 2006 and 12/6 Than report program of Korea television station MBC "focus of news"》

American Congress Research Bureau reported that "there was no fact that the Japanese military did female compulsion draft" because of a comfort woman problem.
        《Sankei Shimbun 4/12/2007》

●That it was sold to a Korean female entertainer for 40 yen in 16 former comfort women, when they say Osaka, Kumamoto and Taiwan with 1 lady who spoke at Aimi, 6 ladies who were worked at the place which wasn't a field are included.

●Full of strange facts, a person who can prove the compulsion taking a person of who chooses as power isn't there also anything but that?

   《Tsutomu Nishioka
        "Sankei Shimbun 10/16/2013》

Japanese Korean government was also a colony system by unusual assimilation in the world.

●A Korean has a suffrage and eligibility for election as Japan people, and is the thing even the however tyrannical army person concerned's kidnaping kidnapping, and such as training a barrel Korean lady of the same Japan people as a prostitute (comfort woman) considered really under the conditions which become a condition congressman with a Korean name?

●When there was such thing, the people who become a congressman by a Korean name are a pro-Japanese harmony party but don't seem to leave them alone.

  《Tomofusa Kure "Seiron December 2011》

●The experience by which Mr. Tuneyasu Daishido who serves as a secretary of the Government-General of Korea and often learns about the real state of affairs of the those days is himself, and, it's recorded so.

"Of the basis which had no compulsion taking of a woman, first, for, I should be here and even if I'm going to war, big protest movement is developed, and however how many times as natural it should be as the person by whom compulsion was taken to the witness when there was compulsion taking of a woman, but it's the fact that I had witnessing testimony and protest movement at all. "

●Mr. Daishido takes up the Gwangju case in 1929 as supporting evidence. The large-scale student protest movement arose because of a Japanese junior high school student's teasing a Korean schoolgirl.

I just bantered and I suggest compulsion take a woman in the land where a student movement happens, will it be? When thinking by common sense, isn't it understood?

    《Satoshi Kuwahara
        "Sankei Shimbun 12/6/2011"》

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