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Comfort woman's daily life

It's recognized that a comfort woman
received the hardship difficult
to do for an explanation
from an officer and man
of the Japanese military
by foreign countries.
They're also called "sexual slave".

(The following translation
depends on translation site.)

Korean's women seemed funny very brightly.
The shadow where I come under the "sexual slave" making noise exaggeratedly nowadays could be found nowhere from its form.

《Hiroo Onoda SEIRON 2005/1 month number》

●When I went back from Java to Moji via Singapore in December, 1944, it was the bottom of a ship of the same cargo boat as a Korean comfort woman that I took it first.

●They would be going to return to Japan, too. I had a good impression in them chatting likely pleasantly without a pathetic sense then very much.

 《Shunsuke Tsurumi
  "vs., theory and unique Showa history"》

●When it'll be also a holiday, comfort women are coming to near eimon and the route and are waiting for soldiers.

●When a soldier comes, comfort women will approach, give a sleeve a warning tug and bring you to the consolation place cheerfully.
In fact it's the reality that I was having a store by the comfort woman side and was waiting for the Japanese military.

●Comfort women saved money and sent an allowance to the family in a hometown, too. Fortunately, the fact that comfort women's parents' home became rich has been heard from a purveyor.

《Aikawa Hiramatsu (former military policeman of the Japanese military), in the business world, Niigata 2007/6 month number》

●Miss Mun Okuju of The former comfort woman who appeared visit Japan and did a claim for refund of the military postal savings in March, 1992.

●A Miss Mun sentence did a comfort woman life at Burma from 1942 to 44, but the cash I got from military personnel in the mean time was left in a military post office of a local unit. A passbook was lost, but it's 6-one which requested Shimonoseki post office to want you to refund me 7000 yen because it should be left.

●After that when the post office side investigated, a ledger of a military saving was found on May 11, 92. The balance was 26,145 yen according to a ledger.

●Since one house could be bought in Tokyo when having 5000 yen then, her savings are for 5 houses. Is this a life of a sex slave?

《Tsutomu Nishioka "the comfort woman problem of understanding well"》

●Only by a comparison night, an affiliation, a soldier and a comfort woman feel regard and the friendship each other, there was such thing commonly.

●A soldier may die of a battle tomorrow. They were they that you partook of delight and the grief in such.

●The one as a field comfort woman is same as a soldier. Soldier's company. It was really important existence. Soldiers worked silently and much died silently.

●Comfort women had to have been living by the tragical absurd inside, be living through soldiers by the more absurd inside, too and be dying. So I had a mutual understanding each other. There is a soldier who was dying with the memory with them, too.

《Keiichi Ito "the Sino-Japanese war told in the young generation"》

There were 50,000 yen (That it was made the value now, 4,440,000 dollars!) and an earning person in the inside in less than 3 years for a comfort woman.

●It was the work to make a profit ridiculously. There is also an example which clicked with a soldier and got married.

《Eiichi Tanizawa Shoichi Watanabe "Dear Sirs/Madams There is no "war responsibility" in Korea, China, Russia and the United States of America-Japan."》

●Conclusion of a comfort woman problem (summary of a study for 7 years)...

(1) There were 2 kinds of army exclusive use and sharing of armed services and common people at the consolation place.

(2) The total number of the comfort woman who was at the army exclusive consolation place is 10,000 and thousands of.

(3) An inland person (Japanese) is most according to the comfort woman's race.

(4) The life condition of the front consolation place was the same level as a red-light district in peacetime.

(5) There was no systematic "compulsion taking" of an authority including an army.

(6) More than 95 % of a comfort woman reached.

(7) The sexual circumstances in military of main each country are similar to the Japanese military at the time of Second World War.

(8) The welfare to comfort women is more cordial than other war victims.

《Ikuhiko Hata "confrontation of a contemporary history"》
(Related book 
"Comfort Women and Sex in the Battle Zone")

●There was also a consolation place where one makes and manages an army at Manchuria. (It was called "Manchu eighteenth unit".)

●Civilian war worker's mark was sewn on a collar of an overcoat of the comfort woman who has a wall there. It was the one of junior official, the class was the top more than a private first class.

It's possible to decline and soldiers please women and don't rough, and it's said that the unpleasant visitor played by the moderate attitude.

《Keiichi Ito SHOKUN! 2007/8 month number》

●It's the talk heard directly from a surgeon in those days, but I say at a sexually transmitted disease check, that a comfort woman is saying "A tick is put, and." extensively.

●In other words, it's said to be because you can't work any more as a comfort woman whenx can be put by a check. If so it was light sexually transmitted disease, I'll put a tick by using taking medicine neatly as a condition, they say that they were delighted.

    《Kazunobu Koyama
         Channel SAKURA 9/27/2013》

●Comfort women are painful economically and there is no work, and the people who chose the work. The person who showed high payment and gathered them may get the Japanese military more than he says so.

Because comfort women were living quite gracefully, also put on make-up dimly by all except for work, were going out to shopping and were chattering.

《A former army infantryman company private first class and Akira Wada (pseudonym 93), SAPIO 2013/9 month number》

●The affair which has happened at the ratsumou fortress which was in China and the Burmese border in autumn of 1944 (1944) year claims special mention.
Chinese military 50,000 people under the U.S. forces direction attacked the fortress 1200 Japanese officers and men protect. A comfort woman ran into a fortress, too. I reached 4 months, but the battle was pathless than an honorable death.

●A garrison chief recommended a comfort woman to come down a mountain and surrender. Among 20 comfort women and 15 Japanese women are left in a fortress and have been extinct.

●When they aren't Japanese, 5 Korean comfort women "aren't killed" by a garrison chief, and, I was admonished, came down a mountain and was protected by U.S. forces.

《Henry Scott Stokes "falseness of the victory view of history of allied powers a British reporter saw"》

●I'll quote a point from a U.S. forces report to the Korean comfort woman caught at Kita Burma as a source of high reliability by third person's investigation about their life situation in the consolation place....

◇ "I got the money which buys the article I want much, so, they were well off."

◇ "I participated in a sports event with an officer and man and had a good time also attended a picnic, a show and a dinner party. The thing by which they had a record player and go out to shopping by a city was permitted."

◇ "A comfort woman admitted the right to decline service."

◇ "The comfort woman who (returned a debt) permitted returning to Korea."

◇ "There are many cases of a marriage application (from soldier)."

◇ "50 or 60% of the total amount of the gain is received, and, for an... comfort woman, in the tower center, (over monthly amount of 1500 yen) 750 yen were handed."

●When also saying monthly income of 750 yen above all, about 70 times more than a soldier of the about 10 times of the Japanese Red Cross Society nurse and Burmese district sardar (the annual salary of 5800 yen) lay are also high, and I'm a high-income earner of a same amount mostly with the Prime Minister (annual stick of 9600 yen). Wouldn't to call that a sexual slave be impolite?

《Ikuhiko Hata SEIRON 2013/8 month number》

●I ordered an interrogation report to 20 Korean comfort women who could catch U.S. forces in the cleanup strategy after a MITOKINA surrender of Burma (present Myanmar) in August, 1944 from National Archives in Washington.

●On a report, "A comfort woman of the capture of this high pay was "prostitute".", and, "Even if they refer to the standard of Japan and Europe, they aren't beautiful.", and, it was written.

●It was being used for propaganda to the Japanese military's and U.S. forces's operating on a self-army profitably during a competition.

●Because it's the reason which caught the "comfort woman" who was working at a consolation place by the Japanese military "prostitute", U.S. forces "You were demanding prostitution from the Japanese military!" "Japanese would know how long it's cruel they!", you should also be able to use it for wartime propaganda. But, even if it's checked, how much are you "a comfort woman = a prostitute of the capture of high pay", the reason on which you could write "They weren't a beauty."

●There is a person talking about such complaint in the comfort woman, too. Time with the Japanese soldier isn't enough, and it isn't possible to welcome any soldiers, "The soldiers who come can't serve everyone, and it's regrettable."

  《Tony Marano WiLL 2014/9 months》

●A book called "diary of a comfort woman manager of the Japanese military" was sold in Korea in August of last year, and it was a big topic. A diary is chosen as Mr.Park who worked at the "front desk" at Burma and the Singaporean consolation. The contents...?

◇ "Mr. Murayama of inn Sen got up by home, had breakfast, played all day and spent in the morning. It can't be run, because they play and spend, comfort women are tedious and intolerable, too, and neither the husband side nor going out will be done, so, I writhe." (August 4, 1943)

"There is a movie by a railroad unit, and comfort women have checked." (the said August 13)

◇ "I went to Yokohama Shokin bank, and two comfort women in Mr. Murayama's consolation place were saved." (the said June 2)

◇ "The remittance of 600 yen asked a comfort woman for (current as of the note:, more than 3,000,000 yen) was drawn out from one's own saving, and it was sent from Central Post Office." (October 27, 1944)

●There is a face where a consolation place was managed in the military administration certainly. But it isn't readable that an army takes part in management directly from this diary. When he's let through and it's read, they're the consolation place grouper which appears and a prostitute-buying inn.

《Choe Kilsung Shincho45 2014 year September issue》

● About 18-year-old terrible serious boy finds out that you can't return from a front to Japan and holds a 40-year-old comfort woman at the site, and you also comfort in only 1 hour, I'm very thankful for the thing.

● Such thing looked good indeed. The meaning that this 1 hour has it is big. I think that's love. Because I'm from the bad boy, I'd say that I think so. But I don't also want to give one step of here.

《Shunsuke Tsurumi "expectation and afterlight"》

●A certificate of the Japanese military is necessary for the movement which crosses the border during wartime at Southeast Asia.

●Miss Mun Okuju and the company who had in Saigon asked a pilot of a navy "They didn't want to return to Korea. They would like to return to Rangoon again, how should it be done to have a certificate?" at the cabaret where the Japanese military are oftening call.

●The pilot said "You'd be able to write it at the order part. Because I introduced there, play for a while." I say fortunately, that you could get a certificate.

●Miss Mun is writing the state when being in Saigon, as follows. "I remember that a raincoat was bought. The raincoat was made in France and green was very vivid. An alligator handbag, high-heels and a green raincoat. Of the town which is Saigon with such fashionable figure, I strutted."

●And the way back route to Rangoon is big travel on the train. When Mr. MUN showed a certificate on the way, military personnel depended on a wooden box with a rice ball and pickled plum. Thus she was telling boastfully that it was considered.

●4 comfort women are to Thailand and Saigon from Rangoon. They had returned a heel and had returned to a consolation place by Rangoon by free will from Saigon. This was the reality of the comfort woman criticized with "sexual slave" internationally at present.

●Refer to a book of Mr. MUNOKUJU who was a former Korean comfort woman "the MUNOKUJUBIRUMA front I who was a comfort woman of a shield division" for the above.

《Seiken Mizuma
"the truth of "comfort woman problem" understood by a look"》

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